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''Efficiency! This is the one word I would use to describe Ida and her team. They've helped me to completely re-organise my business by pointing out what I had to improve and suggesting clear solutions that they then implemented. Their response is always quick and accurate and there's a real care for satisfying the costumer, thank you!' - Oriana

Our team is constantly expanding with new energetic and creative souls joining Spark Suite! Below are only some of the lovely ladies and men who our clients deal with on a daily basis.


Ida Simone Soderholtz

Founder & CEO, Business Strategy

With an extensive background in Customer Service and Administration, working with companies such as Barclay's Head Office and larger hospitality brands, Ida'has an extensive network of contacts and whether you need someone to organise the back-end of your business or find someone to organise a trip around the world, she will find who you are looking for! She is passionate about giving her clients the freedom to work as they want from where they want, laying out strategies that fits your lifestyle & needs.

Sarah Birch

PA to Director & Head Administrator

We always say that Sarah is one of the happiest and most personable people we know, and it shows with the customers she deal with. We constantly get comments on how comfortable they feel with her being in charge of their ongoing projects & staff. Sarah has a strong background in Customer Service, Admin, Management & In Office Staff Training so aside from keeping our Director in check she often monitors and trains the rest of our team!

Chris Shipp

Head of Graphic Design & Branding, Website Designer

Chris has attention to detail and almost a sixth sense when it comes to producing branding and graphics that represent our clients perfectly. We very often are amazed at how efficiently he turns around clients needs while also having listened to every little request to make the final product something you, as a client, can be proud of and feel represents you. Chris is also fantastic at building websites and has worked on projects for clients within industries such as jewellery shops, hair salons, online life coaches, motor groups and much more. He is incredibly versatile and "gets" our clients. He will stop at nothing to see a smile on their face at the end of each project.

Hannah Matthews

Account Manager & Bookkeeper

At Spark Suite we all believe that Hannah is the perfect combination of sweet and stern. She runs her projects with an iron fist and attention to detail but is so sweet with our clients that they can´t help but fall in love with her. Hannah has an administrative background where she is used to both training others, and working well under pressure. We feel truly blessed to have her on the team working closely with our most busy clients. She also has strong attention to detail and oversees some of our clients bookkeeping.

Oona Vaasinen

Head of Account Management

Oona is a tough cookie that knows her way around the world of Media, Creative & Charities. She´s worked on major clients in her previous employments such as Lego, Mind, Scope and many more and she is possibly one of the most driven people you will ever meet with a high work moral. Oona works with us overseeing larger projects that our clients are currently working on and sometimes also supports the PA to the Director in her more client facing tasks. We couldn't feel more pleased to have her on board!

Elliott Staley

Sales Executive & Marketing Specialist

We always pride ourselves on the fact that our staff takes time to get to know our clients and create a bond with them, but Elliott is one of those people that everybody just seem to like from the get go. There´s that saying that a sales executive always talks a lot in order to sell, and while the talking bit is true in Elliott's case, he is very much on board with our concept, and refuses to sign a client that he doesn't genuinely feel could benefit from our services. With an extensive background in sales, an innovative way of selling and a true passion for his clients, he also know a thing or two about setting up a business and our start-up clients absolutely love him. 

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